The Essential Vision

Our Vision at Essential is to identify the technical needs of organizations and to meet those needs with creativity and advanced technology.

Today is an exciting day in computing. Never before have there been so many productive programmers on the planet.  The expansion of open source communities with communitity based guidelines and standards allows these programmers' work to be well organized, channeled, distributed, and supported. This modern evolution in software directly affects businesses. Reliance and dependence on big name vendors such as Microsoft and Sun Microsystems no longer dictate how we run our organizations.  Now businesses have their own virtual servers and Github accounts, and hire their own programmers to leverage vast libraries of open source software.

But even with the plethera of tools and resources available to businesses, experience counts for a lot.  At Essential we prefer simplicity to complexity.    In order to simplify technology for our clients, allowing them to focus on their own primary visions, Essential designs, builds, and supports open source systems tailored to client needs.  

Achieving simplicity in technology is never simple.  At Essential we employ a Software as a Service (SaaS) model to help us to achieve simplicity.  Essential's vision is to use well-chosen tools to empower its clients and speed up their productivity.  Essential uses best of breed open systems that are well known and that have proven track records.  Essential has chosen tools like Drupal for content management, Zimbra for email and social collaboration, and Asterisk for telephony.   Our Software as a Service model delivers these state-of-the-art open source technologies configured, bundled, and branded, to suit our clients' needs.

And for client requirements that go beyond configurable solutions we offer customized software development.