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How to Create a Showroom Background With a Red Carpet in Adobe Illustrator

August 13, 2018 - By Vladimir Galantsev

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What You'll Be Creating

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Mesh Tool in Adobe Illustrator to create a showroom background with spotlights and a red carpet!

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 Showroom Background With A Red Carpet
Showroom Background With A Red Carpet

1. How to Draw the Pedestal

Step 1

Begin using the Mesh Tool (U) to create the top of the pedestal.

Draw a long, narrow ellipse and fill it with the #D9DDDD color.

With the Mesh Tool, add some mesh nodes inside the ellipse as shown below, and then select the nodes on the edge of the shape and recolor them with #C6CBCB.

mesh ellipse

Step 2

Draw a narrow rectangle, coloring it with #CACFCF. Then bend it: Effect > Warp > Arc, setting the Bend to -12%.

Select the shape and go to Object > Expand Appearance, and then begin to add mesh nodes inside, following the screenshot below.

Color the edges of the shape with #7A8688.

mesh pedestal

Step 3

Start with a rectangle filled by #8D9899, and then bend it with Arc and -14% Bend.

Use the Mesh Tool to color the edges of the shape with #252A2B and the other pictured nodes with #B0B8BA.

mesh pedestal

Step 4

Put all the parts together to assemble the top platform.

mesh platform

Step 5

Create a Blend shadow out of two ellipses: one white, and one filled with #555656.

Make the white ellipse transparent, and then go to Object > Blend > Blend Options, setting it to Specified Steps, 30.

Finally, select both shapes and apply Object > Blend > Make and set the object's Transparency mode to Multiply.

blend shadow

Step 6

Place the shadow under the upper platform, and then create two bigger copies of it (Scale at 125%) to create the full pedestal.

mesh spotlight showroom

2. How to Draw the Carpet

Step 1

Draw two shapes as shown below, filling them both with #BC0F09.

carpet vector

Step 2

Create a #BC0F09 rectangle, bend it with Arc at -3% Bend (Expand Appearance!), and then add some mesh to color the outer edges with #940E09.

mesh carpet

Step 3

Draw another shape, using these colors:

  1. #B20E08
  2. #3C0705
  3. #7D0B07
red mesh carpet showroom

Step 4

  1. #B20E08
  2. #4D0805
  3. #6F0A06
mesh carpet

Step 5

  1. #BC0F09
  2. #940E09
mesh carpet vector tutorial

Step 6

  1. #B20E08
  2. #3B0705
  3. #700B07
red mesh carpet

Step 7

Construct a carpeted step with the parts you made, and then make a slightly bigger (125%) copy of the whole group.

mesh carpet steps

Step 8

  1. #700B07
  2. #C00F09
  3. #470504
mesh vector tutorial

Step 9

Construct the whole carpet out of the objects we made.

mesh carpet showroom

Step 10

Attach the carpet on top of the platform.

mesh platform with carpet

3. How to Draw the Spotlights and Background

Step 1

Draw the shape with mesh, and then set its Transparency mode to Screen with 60% Opacity.

  1. #000000
  2. #F5F5F5
  3. #B9B9B9
mesh spotlight

Step 2

Create a Blend out of white and black ellipses (just like in section 1, step 5).

blend vector

Step 3

Create another black ellipse and set the Blend on top of it.

Group (Control-G) both objects, and then set the group to Screen.

highlight vector

Step 4

Finally, create an ellipse with a Radial Gradient from white to #020200, and then set it to Screen.


Step 5

Set up the shapes we made to look like the picture below—it should look like the screenshot on both the white and the grey background.

spotlights mesh

Step 6

Draw the top part of the showroom background.

  1. #0F1614
  2. #718180
showroom background

Step 7

Draw the lower part of the background.

  1. #0F1614
  2. #BFD0D0
showroom vector background

Step 8

Combine all the elements to create your showroom background!

vector showroom red carpet mesh spotlight tutorial

Awesome Work, You're Now Done!

What now? You can try any of my other tutorials from my profile or check out my portfolio on GraphicRiver, as well as the original vector we recreated in this tutorial.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and I would be super happy to see any results in the comments below.

Showroom Background with a Red Carpet
Showroom Background With A Red Carpet